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Welcome to the Madibaz Chess Club





Nelson Mandela University sport offers a wide variety of competitive and recreational sport programmes for students and staff, as well as the wider university community. We also strive to develop elite and potentially elite players through various high performance programmes and academies of sport.

Chess is one of the many sports offered. It serves as both a competitive and a recreational sport program at Nelson Mandela University. One does not need to have knowledge of the game prior to joining the club, because the club offers teaching for absolute beginners, beginners, and apprentice, intermediate and master players.

Once you become a member of the Madibaz Chess Club, you automatically get the privilege and the benefits that the university offers to the club. You get the opportunity to participate in professional tournaments taking place around the Eastern Province and outside, and you also stand a chance of receiving national colors in chess, as the Madibaz Chess Club participates in the annual USSA chess tournament hosted by different universities from around the country. Come learn from and with the best chess players at Madibaz, but most importantly, get yourself involved in this beneficial extra-mural activity and get to experience the goodness of chess at varsity and form a new friendship, that’s what it’s all about.

Membership is free of charge, so no need to worry about questions likes “how much will the university deduct from my account?” Come and learn the game of chess free of charge, and get to understand why so many successful men, especially business men, employ chess in their daily lives as a form of mental exercise and strategic planning.

Contact information
Mr Mark Tommy
Sport Manager: Football & Chess
Tel: 041 504 2158