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Wits Sports Pavilion


The USSA(University Sports South Africa) Chess Tournament for 2017 was held at The University of Witwatersrand’s(Wits) East Campus from 3-9 July 2017. Since Wits is one of the most renowned Universities in Africa, it was expected that they would host an excellent tournament that would be talked about for years to come-and they did not disappoint!

When one thinks back on a successful tournament it is often hard to think on one specific thing that stood out for you as a well-run tournament would usually display several good traits. But I am going to be bold and say that the administration of the tournament was on point! Therefore before any specific details are spilled on the tournament itself, I would just like to take this opportunity to congratulate the technical staff who ran the tournament excellently .Mr.Njabulo Xulu(Intern at Wits Sports), Mr. Tebogo Rabothata(Wits Manager of Competetive Sport Clubs), Mr. Edwyn Wyngaard(USSA Chess Chairperson), Mr. DIvesh Sookdeo(USSA Tournament Secretary) and Ruan Steenkamp(Chief Arbiter) have definitely worked together well to give the players a wonderful experience! To those who I have not mentioned, my apologies. Thank you all.

Part of a well-oiled machine, that being the tournament, is always some good quality fuel needed for it to run optimally. At a chess tournament, I personally believe that good rest and good food put together makes for good fuel! The chess players were all given single rooms to sleep in which comprised of a single bed, a basin and even a microwave and a fridge in some rooms. The main residences for chess players were the Jubilee Residence and Sunnyside Residence on the East Campus. The food that we were served was definitely of a high quality and I commend the kitchen staff for such a lovely dining experience. We were treated to a selection of dishes at breakfast, lunch and supper(some days with 2 or more options per category!)! Many of the players whom participated in the tournament sacrificed their opportunities to go home for the holidays as USSA was scheduled for June this year(Not December) and they will surely go back to their university residences to await the reopening of classes. To their surprise, the players were treated to lovely home-cooked meals such as Macaroni and Cheese, Bacon and Eggs and even some pap to compliment the meat! This made people who didn’t go home feel much better. I take my hat off to Wits for looking after our tummies-they even served fish often-even our brains were taken care of!